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December 15, 2020

Last December I wrote a blog post about my favorite things at Stone Bank Farm Market. This year I’ve developed a list of new favorites which I’d like to share:

Bushel & Peck’s Kimchi

Kimchi is a Korean side dish staple of fermented vegetables. Bushel & Peck’s kimchi is a delicious, crunchy blend of cabbage, carrots, and green onions seasoned with ginger, garlic, chili flakes and salt. It’s a perfect blend of salt and tang, without the blow-your-head-off heat of other kimchis I’ve tried. I’ve been known to eat this one straight from the jar for breakfast, but usually I pile it on salads, grain bowls, baked potatoes and wraps. Added Bonus: Kimchi is naturally fermented which makes it a probiotic powerhouse.

Century Sunflower Oil

Remember the Stone Bank Farm sunflower fields? The seeds from those sunflowers went to Century Sun Oil LLC in Pulaski, Wisconsin for their certified organic Sun Oil. Months ago, I overheard two ladies in the market talking about how delicious it was —- so I bought a bottle. They were right! I use it for cooking and in baked goods, but my favorite way to eat this sunflower oil is with a big slice of crusty bread for dipping. I love the nutty, buttery taste.

Stone Bank Farm Pasture-Raised Eggs

They say, once you’ve had eggs fresh from the farm, there’s no going back to supermarket eggs. It’s true — the flavor of farm-fresh eggs is richer and the yolks are firmer and brighter, not to mention, the fresher the egg, the higher the nutritional value. We’re grateful to Farmers, Jim & Sandy, for keeping our kitchen staff and market customers well-supplied with fresh eggs from pasture-raised hens.

Stone Bank Farm’s Garlic

When I read a couple of years ago that most of the garlic that we buy in grocery stores comes from China, is typically bleached, and could be grown in soils that contain heavy metals, I’ve come to appreciate, even more, the garlic that we grow at Stone Bank Farm. As we always say: Know your farmer, know your food.

Potter’s Crackers

For those, like me, who prefer a simple cracker that compliments (not competes with) whatever you put on it, this is the cracker for you. My favorite is the Winter Wheat which is made with organic Stone Ground Wheat Flour and cracked wheat. 

Alyssa’s Focaccia

I love everything our talented baker, Alyssa, makes for the market, but her focaccia is among my favorites. It’s crisp on the outside, chewy-soft on the inside, and every bite is infused with a salty-garlicy flavor and the rich taste of extra-virgin olive oil. 

Chef Kyle’s & SBF Kitchen Staffs’ Prepared Foods

If you’ve ever eaten anything made by our own Chef Kyle (i.e. an SBF prepared meal or one of the soups, farm bowls, or sandwiches offered at our monthly café), you’ll think you’ve died and gone to five-star restaurant heaven —– which isn’t all that far-fetched since Chef Kyle is an accomplished New York City chef with a gift for taking whatever is in season on the farm and making something wonderful out of it. 

Market Produce

My favorite SBF farm peeps

Danika and Kim on far left, and Maggie and Barb on the far right (me in the middle). Missing: Brianna. 


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